Improving Fan Experiences by Updating Salesforce Processes

When the Chicago Fire Football Club needed a way to collect feedback & build fan profiles in Salesforce, they chose Forms for Salesforce. Read this case study!


Chicago Fire FC was using a survey tool to capture data and feedback from fans to better understand their experiences. Feedback is extremely valuable to the club, and understanding deviations is key to driving engagement and improving the overall experience. Their survey tool wasn’t able to track deviations when feedback changed from its typical pattern, which limited their ability to analyze data efficiently. It also couldn’t track historical data, report on key customer trends, or build progressive profiles for fans.

Beyond their survey issues, they also faced challenges with streamlining data collection across departments and software. Their tech stack included too many tools, making data tracking incredibly difficult. Many of their tools were archaic, complicated, and unable to integrate or share data efficiently. To solve these problems, a more unified approach through a single product was a key purchasing requirement. They also wanted a tool that any employee could access and learn quickly, empowering anyone with data and insights as needed.


Their search for a tool that could create one unified, streamlined data collection system within Salesforce led them to Forms for Salesforce. The tool’s ability to pull from any object in Salesforce, provide a smooth and personalized experience for fans, and send data directly into their Salesforce instance was key. They were able to remove the need for any integrations, connectors, and manual data manipulation, making it easier for any department to access the data they need through simplified and customized Salesforce reports.

Now Chicago Fire FC can build behavioral profiles of fans using the questions and logic built into their forms. As they progressively capture data, fan profiles continue to develop, unlocking data on likes, dislikes, and purchasing behaviors. The team is able to conduct text analysis and deviation analysis to understand trends and notify stakeholders who need to make strategic decisions on fan communications.

Prior to Formstack, every survey respondent would receive a call. This simply wouldn’t scale with their transition to Soldier Field, a 60,000 seat venue on Chicago’s lakefront, where attendance was surely to be higher than previous seasons. Today, they’re able to focus on those who deviate from the norm or have specified needs, which accounts for about 2% of the fan base. The new fan profiles help drive conversations forward, resulting in quality conversations that lead to actionable insights and quick resolutions to issues.

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Eliminated manual data entry

Saved 15-20 hours per week of manual work

Improved response time

Shortened fan callback time from over four weeks to two

Optimized Salesforce

Built their entire data collection system directly within Salesforce

Consolidated tech stack

Reduced the number of tools in their tech stack

Increased fan engagement

Created a dynamic, personalized experience for fans

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Chicago Fire Football Club is an American professional soccer franchise based in Chicago, Illinois. The team competes in Major League Soccer as a member of the league's Eastern Conference. The Fire were founded in 1997 and began league play in 1998 as one of the league’s first expansion teams.
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