Launching a Digital Certification Process

Learn how a hospital partnered with Penrod and Formstack to create a digital certification process that saved time and reduced errors.


Penrod’s client runs a school certification program that promotes a heart-healthy environment. The certification process was completely paper-based, involved several forms, and required in-person visits at each school. Paper forms caused delays and required information to be manually entered into the hospital’s Salesforce system. The process was prone to producing inaccurate and outdated data and the certification process required two program coordinators to personally visit schools, creating an unsustainable workload. As paper forms piled up, the hospital needed to re-imagine their processes in order to provide certifications to as many schools as possible.


Penrod envisioned a user-friendly, streamlined, and fully integrated certification process within Salesforce. Formstack for Salesforce allowed the community hospital to replace paper forms with accessible, web-based forms, provided e-signing capabilities to capture consent quickly, and enabled a fully integrated forms solution within Salesforce so that data would be accessible instantly. To close out the process, they created automated alerts that notified schools when a certification is about to expire so they could re-certify.

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Completed digitization of certification process

Removed error-prone processes by digitizing forms within Salesforce 

Produced results faster

Increased the speed of the school certification process

Launched quickly

Implemented a form solution that didn’t require months of custom development 

Eliminated manual work

Automated notifications for when certifications expire 

Increased efficiency

Eliminated hours of manual data entry and physical site visits

Video Transcript

As a Salesforce Expert Navigator, Penrod provides Salesforce managed services and implementations for health and life sciences companies. The client featured in this use case is a community hospital that strives to care for kids in ways that resonate with them, creating friendly environments that produce the best possible healthcare outcomes.
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